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8 Companies That Offer Fertility Benefits

Last updated November 04, 2021

Big tech companies like Facebook, Apple and Google made headlines when they announced that they'll offer coverage for egg freezing for their female employees. They also drew criticism for sending the message to employees that family should be postponed, in favor of work.

What haven't been covered much are the companies - including those tech giants - that offer insurance coverage for fertility treatments like IVF to start a family now. Some states (19, as of April 2021) mandate insurance coverage for fertility-related medical care, but many of these mandates don't apply to self-insured plans. Because larger companies tend to be self-insured, it can be hard to know whether they offer any coverage for IVF and other fertility services.



Avrio Genetics has a list of 8 US employers that pay for your IVF. Head over there and see who's on the list. If you don't know if your company covers anything fertility-related - or what steps you need to take to use the benefits, your best course of action is talk to your HR department, or the company that administers your health insurance policy. 




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